15 Genius Camping Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

October 08, 2020

15 Genius Camping Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Camping is a beloved pastime that people have enjoyed for generations. However, no matter if you are a beginner or expert, it is always important to find ways to enhance your camping experience so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors! 

With this in mind, we crafted a list of 15 simple camping hacks that are easy and effective, so your next camping adventure is sure to be the best one yet! 


#1 Milk Jug Lantern

If you love camping and the great outdoors, you know the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling! If you find yourself with a plastic milk jug and want to get a second use out of it before you recycle it, bring it on your next camping trip for this easy lantern hack!

All you need is an empty milk jug, some water, and a headlamp (which is an excellent camping tool). Wash out your milk jug to rid it of any residue and fill it up with warm water. Attach your headlamp with the head on the jar, and you got yourself an easy, cute, and useful light source!

#2 Egg Water Bottle Storage

When preparing for a great camping adventure, it is important to pack smart. It is essential to bring healthy and nourishing meals as well as store them effectively. And, in the spirit of reusing recyclable materials, a water bottle serves as an excellent storage hack for eggs, so your morning fuel won’t take up the whole camping bag.  

Crack your eggs into a plastic water bottle so your morning meals are easy and effective. Just pour the eggs directly into the pan! One bottle can fit about 8 eggs, so plan accordingly to the size of your group.

#3 Foam Squares

Bringing foam squares to place inside or under your tent is not only a comfort hack but also can bring a touch of style to your camping trip. They add comfort by adding an extra layer of soft cushion between you and the ground.

Coming in all sorts of colors and styles, foam squares are an excellent way to add some vibrancy and life to your setup as well.

Foam squares are cheap and are put together like puzzle pieces, so packing and/or storing these stackable pads is simple. 

#4 Easy Mosquito Repellent

Sage is known to clear the air in many ways, however many don’t know that it is an excellent mosquito repellent! Burning sage is a great way to rid the area of those pesky biters, plus it is all-natural and safer than chemical bug repellents.

#5 Sandpaper Match Helper

Lighting a campfire is a quintessential part of camping. It not only sets the perfect mood but is used for essential purposes such as cooking, heating, and more! But, even for the most experienced camper, you might need some campfire hacks to get one blazing. To make life easier, many wilderness explorers have introduced sandpaper to their kits.

By sticking sandpaper to your matchbox, you can ensure a successful spark as the extra friction makes lighting matches much easier! Perfect for getting a campfire going as well as other burning necessities, bringing a small strip of sandpaper can save you time and help avoid pointless fire-lighting frustration!

#6 Freezing Water Jugs

Keeping the proper foods cold is essential to your health and wellbeing! When camping, especially trips that span over multiple days, it is crucial to have quality ways of “refrigerating” your food. 

A hack to ensure your food stays safe is to add frozen water jugs to your freezer bag. Not only will these remain frozen for a substantial amount of time, at the end of your trip, once all the food is consumed and some ice has melted, have safe water to drink!

#7 DIY Mini First Aid Kit

First aid kits are lifesavers on any wilderness endeavor. Creating your own DIY, on-the-go first aid kit to keep with you at all times is a smart way to stay safe and save money, time, and materials.

Many personal first aid kits are on the market, but they are usually bulky. Buying an extensive first aid kit and building your own smaller kit from those materials can benefit you and your group immensely.

Instead of everyone buying their own personal kits — which can lead to unnecessary multiple items (thermometer, scissors, etc.) — you all can pitch in on one large, central kit to leave at base, and build pocket-size DIY kits to take with you everywhere.

Take a small pocket-sized capsule, like an Altoids tin, and pack it tight with first aid materials that will be immediately beneficial — band-aids, tweezers, ointment, etc. Now you can hike in comfort knowing what you need is with you at all times at no inconvenience.

#8 Headlamps

Lanterns and flashlights are typical tools for campers, but a simple hack to free your hands is to opt for a headlamp. Headlamps are less bulky than traditional light sources, but they also make activities like reading, eating, hiking, even playing games more enjoyable as you can use both of your hands and focus the light where you need.   

#9 Cork Keys

When hiking, you trek through a variety of stunning environments. Streams, waterfalls, creeks, and other bodies of water are common destinations. However, these natural wonders are unforgiving if objects fall into them! 

Attaching a cork to your necessary items (such as keys) is a lifesaver, as any dropped objects will float and be an easy find.

#10 Biodegradable Tape

Let’s face it, even if you map out your hike perfectly, there is always a chance you’ll get lost. To avoid the worrisome experience of being lost in an unknown environment, bring brightly colored biodegradable tape to mark your path back to base.

Wrap the tape around tree branches, trunks, or whatever you can so you can retrace your steps to safety if needed. Plus, the biodegradable materials ensure that the environment will not be harmed.

#11 Double Up Your Socks

Your feet are a top priority when hiking. A simple hack to ensure extra comfort and avoid blisters is to double up on socks. The extra padding will do wonders for your feet by protecting them from blisters, adding support, and guarding you against any uninvited ticks and critters.

#12 Keep Your Shoes Cozy

When hiking, your shoes will probably get wet. Morning dew, rain, rivers, and other water sources make it hard to avoid a soggy situation. But, it is still important to keep your shoes dry so your feet don’t fall victim to blisters, temperature, and other ailments. 

Although most hiking shoes are waterproof, any moisture can be an issue, especially if temperature drops and your shoes become frozen stiff. To avoid this, make sure your footwear is warm and cozy by putting them near the campfire to dry at the end of the day, and store in your tent when they're not being used.


#13 Uses for Dirty Laundry 

Take advantage of your dirty laundry! These clothing pieces can be more than a pile pushed aside — they are great tools to keep you dry! 

On the topic of shoes, dirty laundry can use used to soak up sweat and water. Remove the insoles of your shoes and replace them with your laundry! Whether it is a quick dab or an overnight process, this is a great way to keep your shoes dry and comfortable.  

You can also use dirty laundry as rags, covers, or hiking path markers!

#14 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can be reused to your camping advantage; they're useful for packing and lining your bags, and covering your items as extra protection from the weather. Protect electronics, shoes, clothes, and other materials with plastic bags! You can also use them as path markers by tying them around trees– just be sure to keep track and gather them after so you can properly recycle them.

#15 Duct Tape

Duct Tape has proven to be the hack tool of the century. For camping, there is no exception to the endless wonders of duct tape!

The stuff can be used to fix broken tools like fishing poles or water bottles. It can seal a rip in a tent and keep them warm and toasty if wrapped around the seams of your windows. Duct tape can fix broken glasses, be used to make rope, and protect objects from the wind! You can wrap it around a hurt ankle or use it to protect blisters. It can even save you from pest issues by helping you seal food and acting as a fly trap!

Duct tape truly acts as a quick fix for a variety of potential problems, and we highly recommend packing a roll for all your camping endeavors.


Escaping to the great outdoors is an enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable experience. Regardless of whether you are going solo or in a large group, this list of 15 camping hacks will enhance your getaway in the wilderness. For both beginners and veteran explorers, we hope our hacks got you excited for your next outdoor adventure!

If you want more tips and tricks to camp like a champ (and other life hacks), be sure to join our mailing list!

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