2021 Outdoor Adventure Giveaway

July 07, 2021

2021 Outdoor Adventure Giveaway

In partnership with Appalachian Gear Company, Prepared4XThrupack, Real Food BarUrsack, Watershed DrybagsTravelChair, and Trail Butter, we are giving out a massive prize package valued at over $800 with incredible gear + food to one lucky winner!  


Earn additional entries by completing the social media engagements provided. Earn the most entries by sharing our giveaway with your friends and getting them to sign up.
Giveaway ends on July 21, 2021 11:59 PM EST. One (1) lucky winner will be announced on our social media accounts on July 26th.

Designed to slip over your backpack, your stuff will be waterproof no matter how quickly the weather turns. That’s especially important if you carry expensive gear in your bag. Just cinch it down tightly and you’re good to go. The LED strips onto this bright orange cover basically transforms your backpack in a beacon of light and visibility with 3 modes: steady light, slow flash and fast flash. What sweetens the deal is the USB rechargeable battery.
This bright, lifesaver belt gives you 360 degrees of visibility. It's 100 times safer than any other alternative because it reflects oncoming light AND illuminates. Thanks to the easy-to-use clips, the LED Belt is no hassle to put on. The straps are easy to adjust and elastic for a comfortable fit. You'll have complete freedom of movement with the versatile design: wear it at the waist, over the shoulder or click it around your backpack.
Going on an adventure with your furry friend? This LED Dog Collar will help you keep track of your dog at night or at dawn. The USB rechargeable battery offers five hours of illumination per charge, and you can cycle between three different light modes in just seconds. Durable, sturdy, and lightweight, the collar is available in six colors and sizes and is built to last a lifetime.
Made from 100% alpaca fiber, these beanies are naturally moisture-managing, temperature-regulating, and odor-resistant, as well as super lightweight, breathable, and packable. They can be worn under a cap or helmet, and are tough enough for backpacking, climbing, or any outdoor adventure.
Made with military-grade Ferrocerium, this fire starter instantly produces a shower of glowing sparks with a single strike, guided directly to the wick by our curved steel striker for a strong, immediate flame to light your tinder, kindling, or hot coal fire. Water Resistant and wind Resistant, the Ferro rod kit holds up to all weather conditions and is highly effective even if it’s been soaking in water. Designed to be more ergonomic to hold than regular flint strikers, this fire kit packs easily into your go bag, hunting pack, or camping and hiking gear.
The Summit Bum™ series is more than a hip-pack. It is a versatile pack that can sit on your hip, your chest, slung over your shoulder, used as a pack brain while moving, or a variety of different ways! The goal is a simple and elegant design that allows the user to easily adapt it to their specific needs.
Real Food Bars focus on three key value propositions – plant-based protein that is high in bioavailability, prebiotic fiber for a healthy microbiome and immunity, and sustainable ingredients that are naturally better for the environment. They comply with virtually every diet, contain a moderately low level of net carbs to maintain blood sugar levels and are paleo friendly.  No artificial sugar or sugar alcohols. With 15g plant protein, 11g prebiotic fiber, only 10g natural sugar, 210 calories. It's vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, Non-GMO. No sugar alcohol. No Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO).
The Ursack AllMitey protects your food from all creatures great and small. It is virtually puncture-proof. Not only will it keep out bears teeth and claws it will thwart mice, raccoon, squirrels, pine martens, and other sharp-toothed critters.
You'll now have the chance to shop the highest quality recreation and military 100% waterproof bags in the world!
Where comfort and price point meet, the ABC chair is perfect for all your a to c needs: ampitheater, beach and concerts + more. Sit back and relax.
Call it a blended trail mix or a spreadable bar, one thing is certain...This calorie-dense, high fat, high protein, real-food energy nut butter fuels the long haul. BE TRAIL READY!

Good luck and happy travels!

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