Illumiseen Brand Ambassador Search

September 29, 2019

Illumiseen Brand Ambassador Search


Could your dog be the next SUPERSTAR?

We’re thrilled to announce our first ever Illumiseen Ambassador Search and hope you are too!

AMBASSADORS are the face of Illumiseen so we are looking for aspiring photographers, engaging influencers, and most especially those who do “more” with their dogs. Account must be ACTIVE, PUBLIC and have HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS. You cannot promote other LED Dog Products in your post or stories.


1. Fill out the form below.
2. Send us an email at containing the following:

  • 1-3 best high quality photos of your dog
  • a short introduction telling us a little bit about your dog and why he'd be a great addition to our team

That's it!



  • One LED Dog Collar
  • One LED Dog Leash
  • One LED Dog Necklace Collar
  • One LED Dog Vest
  • A personal discount code for purchase at Illumiseen
  • A unique discount code to share with your followers
  • Feature on our social media accounts


IMPORTANT DETAILS & EXPECTATIONS (if you are chosen as a brand ambassador)

  • Take and submit 4 high quality photos of your dog in the Illumiseen LED Dog Product(s) for use on either our website, social media accounts, and for any other advertising purposes. It can be an elegant portrait, an image of your dog wearing any of our LED dog products with his best buddy (that is you!), or a lively action shot!
  • Post 4 photos/videos per month featuring our product(s) on your Instagram or Facebook account (3-month posting period)
  • Help us promote our products, giveaways, promotions, etc. during these 3-month period.


Open today through November 1, 2019. Should be at least 18+. No purchase necessary. Open to U.S. Residents only.

Don't forget to encourage your friends to join!

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