7 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Campfire Recipes For The Best Camping Food

July 30, 2020

7 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Campfire Recipes For The Best Camping Food

Camping is a great way to stay active, socialize with friends and family, and get some fresh air. However, one thing that is sometimes lacking when it comes to camping is the food. 

Camping meal prep is limited; you're not going to have tools you're used to at home, such as a stove or a microwave, so people often resort to things like cold cuts or pasta salad.

While there's nothing wrong with a good sandwich, there are certainly options that are much more delicious and satisfying. 

Below is a comprehensive guide to the best camping food you can make quickly and easily!

What You'll Need

One great thing about these camping meals is that you won't need anything extravagant. If you're camping, you'll already have one great cooking method: a campfire. This adds a lot of flavor to all foods, so your camping lunches and dinners might actually taste better than they would at home.

Some campers prefer to use a portable stove. These are designed to be easily moved from one location to another, so this won't be an inconvenient addition to your camping gear. Other than that, you'll need a few pans and utensils, depending on the specific recipe. Most of these recipes are make-ahead camping meals, so all you have to focus on is the actual cooking when you get to your campsite.


To review these meal ideas, we'll be breaking them down by meal. First, we have breakfast. You'll notice that there aren't any specific measurements listed; this is so you can add as much as you need for the number of people you are camping with. That's one great thing about these recipes: you can adjust meals for large groups or only a few people.


1) Easy Campfire Eggs

Eggs are a classic breakfast dish, and that shouldn't have to change if you're camping. While you might be nervous about using an ingredient as delicate as eggs, this recipe is all about the prep.

You can, of course, choose to cook your eggs plain, in which case you'll only need the following ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Water

The general rule is to add one tablespoon of butter and water. Place the butter in a deep skillet or a saucepan over your portable stove until it starts to melt. The heat shouldn't be too high for this since the goal is to cook your eggs slowly in order to lock in the most flavor.

Once the butter melts, stir in your egg and water mixture. You'll want to be continually stirring while the pan is over the heat to perfectly blend the butter and eggs. This will result in eggs that are perfectly fluffy, tender, and flavorful.

Because of the addition of butter and the method of stirring while cooking on low heat, these eggs will turn out fantastic on their own. You can, of course, add whatever you like to your eggs to customize them and add extra flavor.

You can create ham and cheese eggs, southwest eggs with peppers and onions; you can even saute some potatoes ahead of time to add to your eggs. This is where prep comes in handy. You might not want to risk bringing whole eggs on your trip, so you can crack and mix them at home.

For example, let's say you want to make the southwest eggs mentioned above. First, determine how many people you will be feeding and gather your ingredients accordingly. Choose a durable, leak-proof container to crack your eggs into. Then you can dice as many peppers and onions as you like and add to the mixture, along with any spices that you want. When you get to your campsite, you'll only have to melt the butter and pour in your egg mixture.

Cinnamon Rolls

2) Cinnamon Rolls

Not everyone prefers a savory breakfast, so these cinnamon rolls are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The best part about these is that you'll only need one ingredient: a can of ready to bake cinnamon rolls.

You can cook these exactly how you would roast a marshmallow by popping them out of the package they come in and roasting them using roasting prongs over a campfire. Depending on how hot your campfire is, they should take around 8-12 minutes to cook fully.

Cheesy Pull Aparts

3) Cheesy Pull-Aparts

Cheesy pull-aparts are a great savory breakfast dish, and like the eggs, you can customize this recipe to suit everyone's taste.

Like all of these recipes, the ingredient list is small. You'll only need some frozen dinner rolls, butter, and whatever you choose for the topping. All you need to do is use the butter to grease a large dutch oven, then place the dinner rolls in the pan and cover with your desired toppings. Cook over the campfire with the lid on until done, an estimated 20-25 minutes.

One of the most common iterations of this recipe is the cheesy bacon pull-aparts. For this, you'll want to cook the bacon ahead of time to make it as easy as possible to construct at your campsite. This way, you only need to grease the pan, arrange the dinner rolls, and cover with your pre-cooked bacon and shredded cheese.


4) Chicken and Black Bean Nachos

These nachos are perfect for making easy camping meals for large groups. This recipe uses a common method for campfire cooking - a foil pack. This just means that the ingredients are mixed in an aluminum foil "pack" and then cooked over the campfire.

Chicken and Black Bean Nachos

5) Marinated Chicken and Onion Kebabs

Marinades are also great options for campfire meals since you can prep these ahead of time, allowing for even more flavor from the marinade. For the marinade, you will need:

Marinated Chicken and Onion Kebabs 


6) Campfire Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza? This is a great recipe to have if you want to cook for many people, and even better if there are picky eaters you need to consider. For this quick and easy recipe, you will need:

Campfire Pizza

7) Garlic Sausage and Asparagus

For an option that's a little sophisticated, you can also use the foil packet method to make delicious garlic sausage and asparagus. For this recipe, you'll need the following ingredients:

Garlic Sausage and Asparagus


As you can see from the recipes listed above, you don't have to compromise on flavor when you're planning your camping meals. There are many quick, easy, and delicious recipes to choose from, no matter what your family's tastes are.

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