All You Need To Know About Your Dog's Gums

November 05, 2020

All You Need To Know About Your Dog's Gums

In every dog's mouth, there are mucous membranes called gums. But few people know that these gums are one of the best ways to gain insight into your dog's health. 

Since gums mainly act as a protective barrier for your dog, they also have a rich blood supply. This supply is what causes your dog's gums to have a distinctive pink color.  

If the color, moistness, and temperature of your dog's gums change, it can signal changes in their health. It's crucial to check your dog's gums regularly to make sure they are pink, like the color of bubble gum. Also, make sure that they turn white or pale pink when pressed with your index finger. 

If you notice abnormalities related to the above points, your pet may have dog health problems. Keep reading for all the facts and tips you need to know about dog gum problems and overall gum care.

Common Dog Gum Problems

Usually, a dog's gums are bright pink, never white or dull. They also should be slippery instead of dry when you run your fingers over them. If they are not pink or slipper, your dog may have one of these common gum problems found in dogs:

Blue Gums

If you notice blue gums in your dog, it is a sign of inadequate oxygen. When your pet is not receiving enough oxygen, the gums may turn purple or blue, which could indicate a condition called cyanosis. 

Underlying conditions like pneumonia or other respiratory problems could be causing blue gums. If you notice this issue, take your pet to the vet immediately. These conditions can become severe or life-threatening. 

Bright Red Gums

If your dog's gums appear bright pink or very red, it may mean your dog is overheating. When dogs with heat stroke pant heavily to cool themselves down, they often have bright red gums. 

Red gums can also signal stomatitis or gingivitis. Any inflammation in your dog's gums causes them to be very red. 

These problems can make a dog's mouth more painful for them. If your dog's gums become too inflamed, dog health can decrease overall. 

Growths on Gums

Oral tumors often show up on the dog gums. While some masses may disappear without any intervention, others can be contagious or even cancerous. 

One example is Papillomatosis, a viral disease that can spread quickly between dogs. The condition causes fleshy warts in the mouth and other areas. While these warts are not as concerning as other growths, you should address them with the vet. 

Pale Pink/White Gums

If a dog lacks blood or hemoglobin, their gums may appear pale pink or white. This symptom is a significant sign of anemia or even acute blood loss. 

A dog with underlying diseases is at a higher risk of anemia. Treating gum problems in your dog as soon as they occur is crucial to keeping your pet healthy. 

Preventing Gum Problems in Dogs

Depending on the underlying reason for gum problems, they may or may not be preventable. However, there are a few things you can do to lessen the chance of dog gum problems:

Don't Smoke Around Your Dog

A lot of diseases that cause breathing problems are unavoidable. However, issues related to smoking are avoidable. 

Not smoking around your dog can help protect them. If you smoke, keep the pet in a separate room or go outside to smoke. Small changes can be highly beneficial for your pet. 

It's also vital to seek veterinary treatment as soon as you notice problems with breathing problems n your dog. 

Brush Your Dog's Teeth

While you may not think about your dog's gum care, it is vital to their overall health. 

You can brush your pet's teeth with a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste. By doing so, you can lower their chances of inflammation in the gums. There are also toys or treats specifically for improving your dog's bacteria in their mouth. 

Gum maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent dog gum problems before they happen. Therefore, an annual vet visit to take care of your dog's dental health is vital. 

While under anesthesia, a vet can clean the areas under your dog's gums. It is the best way to prevent oral diseases. Consider investing in your dog's oral care at your next vet visit. 

Avoid Other Potentially Contagious Dogs

Diseases like pink warts can spread among dogs rapidly. As such, it is essential to limit your dog's exposure to unknown dogs. 

Ideally, you should know that a dog is entirely non-contagious before allowing your dog to interact with it.

One of the best ways to protect your dog against diseases is by getting them the vaccines they need. New vaccines are continually coming out to guard your dog's health, so be sure to take advantage. 

Feed Your Dog Quality Food

One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is by feeding your dog quality food. 

A lot of dogs can benefit from diets specifically for their dental health. Talk to your veterinarian to figure out which food and diet are right for your pet. 

Give Your Dog Safe Toys to Chew 

By letting your dog chew on dental-friendly toys every day, you can prevent gum disease. Toys, like rubber balls or even flexible pieces of rawhide, can be great for your pet. 

By purchasing a toy that you can fill with treats, you can encourage your dog to chew on that toy. 

Invest In Your Dog's Oral Health

Dogs are five times more likely to develop gum disease than humans. The risks are why you should pay attention to your pet's oral health. 

You can stop problems before they happen with daily brushings, rubber toys, and a healthy diet. 


Treating gum problems in dogs can be challenging if they have reached the advanced stages. Gum maintenance is crucial to make sure your pet never gets to those stages. By making gum care a priority, you can help your furry friend live a much longer, happier life. 

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