Illumiseen LED Collar + Leash Wins DogLab Testing

May 15, 2019

Illumiseen LED Collar + Leash Wins DogLab Testing

The following is a guest post written by DogLab, a website that highlights the best dog gear, gadgets, and accessories today. All products featured in their reviews are purchased at full retail price.

The results are in. Both the Illumiseen leash and collar outperformed over 21+ other LED dog products to be awarded the best in their category. Hitting the sweet spot in terms of affordability, durability, and performance. Nothing else comes close.

Hi, I’m Chelsie. I’m the reviewer who put the Illumiseen leash and collar to the test in the chilly weather of Upstate New York. If you are from around here, you know full well that visibility at night is near zero. If you walk your dog in the dark, an LED collar or leash is a must.

After 500+ hours of testing, I can honestly say that the Illumiseen LED collar is one of the best. Let me tell you why…


With a visibility of over 500 yards, your pup becomes easy to spot in the dark. Even my black dog was unable to hide in the shadows, despite her best attempts. The green LED collar I tested was also bright enough to shine through the long hair of our St. Bernard tester.

The extra visibility that the Illumiseen collar offered was a lifesaver when walking roadside. Cars noticeably slowed when they saw the LED lights in the distance, especially when using the flashing mode.

The Illumiseen collar is available in a wide range of sizes, guaranteeing a snug yet comfortable fit no matter what type of dog you have. Most importantly, none of our pups experienced chafing when wearing this collar for extended periods.

Then, there is the LED leash. When it came to visibility and quality, no other leash came close. This is the best LED dog leash on the market bar none.


Offering the same features and performance as the collar, the Illumiseen LED leash is a great way to increase visibility at night without the need to swap over your dog’s collar.

While both of these products are amazing in their own right, it’s when they are used together that they really shine. Literally.

Pair the Illumiseen leash and collar together for maximum visibility. There was no missing me and my pup as we roamed the streets of Upstate New York after dark.


It’s easy to see why these two products were the clear winners in our LED tests. Don’t settle for less!

For more information, check DogLab’s complete review on LED collars.

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