Common Dog Breeds in Shelters

August 22, 2019

Common Dog Breeds in Shelters


So now you’ve decided to add a new member to your household—a dog! The first question to answer is what kind of breed will be the suitable your household? Are you ready for the commitment? Do you have enough time to spend for the daily needs of your dog? Do you have kids? Is anyone in the household allergic? Do you have other pets? These are questions you need to consider. Now where to get your new dog?

Every year, 3.3 million dogs go to animal shelters, according to data from ASPCA. If you are an animal lover, the idea of dogs cooped up in cages would probably tug at your heartstrings. Animal shelters are full of different dog breeds. If you are plan to get one, adopting from shelters is cheaper than buying from a breeder. It is also more ethical than buying from a pet stores that are probably supplied by puppy mills. Many people would be happy to check out shelters and adopt a dog of any breed. But which breed would you choose? As a responsible person, you would want a breed that is fit for your lifestyle. You must also be familiar with the breed you are getting.

It is a good idea to do a bit a research first. Adopting a dog is a big commitment. We came up with this list to help you. These dogs are commonly found in many shelters. Read up about them, and be a well-informed, responsible fur parent.


American Pit Bull Terrier

    It’s not surprising that for anyone familiar with dog breeds, the American pit bull terrier ends up in many animal shelters than most breeds. This is due to misinformation and misconceptions about this breed. It is for the same reason some potential pet owners are reluctant to adopt them as well. In reality, this breed is loving, intelligent, and very eager to please. Not many people may know this but pit bulls used to be known as nanny dogs, thanks to its gentle and kind nature around kids. These dogs would thrive if they get firm and consistent training. They make excellent and loyal companions, but not much as guard dogs due to their eagerness to greet guests at the door.



      This breed is another popular breed found in many animal shelters in the United States. They make great police/military dogs, herders, service dogs for the disabled, therapy dogs for the sick, and an overall good companion. This breed is smart, as it knows how to assess it’s surroundings and responds accordingly. They need constant socialization, good training, and daily exercise to be at its best self. They are loyal to family members, and make great guard dogs.


      American Staffordshire Terrier

        A member of the pit bull family, the American Staffordshire terrier is one of the breeds commonly found in shelters. They are not very appealing to potential adopters due to stereotypes against pitbulls. In reality, these dogs are very intelligent, which make them excellent guard dogs. These good-natured dogs want nothing more than his owner’s affection, which makes them entertaining companions. They can be stubborn to train, and that would pose as a challenge, but their love for their owner makes up for it.


        Rat Terrier

          Though this breed is pretty common in animal shelters, not many people had the honor of meeting a rat terrier. Rat terriers make wonderful family pets due to its friendliness, lovable nature. They are also inquisitive and up for basically anything. They are a small breed, but they are fun to train. They are capable of developing strong bonds with their humans.


          American Bulldog

            The American bulldog is one of the most misunderstood and stereotyped breeds when they are actually gentle and affectionate. They are actually lovable, and capable of having strong bonds with their owners. They love children, and get along well with other household pets, especially if they are properly trained and socialized as puppies. They are fiercely loyal, and would defend their owners against any threat. They make good guard dogs, when they are not lapdogs.


            Border Collie

              The border collie is another popular breed you’ll see in animal shelters. They are medium-sized herding dogs that are remarkably smart workers. It’s not all work for this breed—they enjoy cuddles as well. They can easily win you over with their intelligence, agility, and trainability, being known to be one of the most intelligent and obedient breeds. They do need a lot of physical and mental stimulation everyday for them to be calm when indoors.


              Jack Russell Terrier

                You need to have a lot of patience and sense of humor if you own a Jack Russell Terrier. This dog is characterized as inquisitive and alert. They are very active dogs who love lots of exercise and playtime everyday. They are perfect for active people. However, training this breed can be challenging, and this is where you need to muster your patience with them. They can be a bit stubborn, and get easily bored. This breed is not for people who are impatient and don’t like challenges.


                Shih Tzu

                  You’d come across this breed is dog shelters from time to time and you’d be extremely lucky to get one. They are outgoing, affectionate, and playful. They respond well to training, and make good companions because they love to entertain. Even if they are small, their personality makes up for it, and their independent streak. They are friendly to house guests, and are very playful. Capable of forming strong bonds with their human, they make devoted, loving companions.


                  Australian Cattle Dog

                    Another breed commonly found in animal shelters across the United States is the Australian cattle dog. This inquisitive, alert, and friendly medium-sized breed needs a lot of energy, or a job, to remain calm and happy members of your household. Being agile dogs, they need physical and mental challenges everyday. For them to become responsive and obedient, you need to give them plenty of exercise.



                      You’ll definitely can’t say no to that cute, pleading expression and go ahead and adopt them. A popular family dog, this breed is funny and happy-go-lucky. They are known to be the friendliest breed. They love children—extremely tolerant and gentle with them.  They also get along well other dogs. However, this breed is very active, and needs a lot exercise. They love exploring the outdoors. If you like fun outdoors, this breed is up for it and would always be happy to join in the fun.



                        Even if you often see these breeds at animal shelters, it doesn’t mean they don’t make good pets. Boxers make fun-loving and loyal pets. Playful, exuberant, devoted, and outgoing, they make an excellent companion for an active family. They enjoy both physical and metal challenges. They love children, and get along well with other dogs. 



                          This breed has is exceedingly intelligent and lively yet you’ll be surprised you see them often in animal shelters. Dachshunds are bold, curious breeds that wouldn’t say no to adventure. They like participating in family activities as much as possible. However, they can get bored easily so they need a lot stimulation and need to be kept busy.


                          Labrador Retriever

                            Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds. You might wonder why it is on this list of breeds commonly found at shelters. But humans can be fickle creatures—they want a dog one minute and then give them up the next. It’s a shame that people give up their pets for whatever reasons that have nothing to do with the breed. This breed is smart and good for families. They like pleasing their owners and excellent at completing a variety of tasks. Their outgoing and friendly nature make them suitable for families and being around kids or other pets.


                            German Shepherd

                              This breed is probably one of the most versatile working dogs. It’s not all work for them though as they love to spend time with their family. Don’t be intimidated by their muscular (but beautiful) looks as they are intelligent, courageous, and steady. You might want to take them home if you see them in shelters as they like pleasing their owners, plus these dogs are pretty great with children too. These dogs, however, need lots of exercise everyday. You want be sorry if you’re dog is a German shepherd—they are very devoted companions.



                                These dogs are often seen at many animal shelters in the US. They maybe tiny dogs but they have huge personalities—inside each cute Chihuahua is a mini king or queen ready to conquer kingdoms. They need a firm hand and training to teach them what is acceptable. Luckily, they are easy to train due to their intelligence and eagerness. It has been reported that they can be a bit aloof with strangers. But they can make friends easily with other house pets.


                                If you’ve been to a shelter, it’s not a fun place. Dogs would be longingly staring at you from their cages, as if begging you to pick them and take them home. It is an incredible act of compassion to take an unwanted homeless lonely animal and give them a home.

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