Female Dog Names Your New Pup Will Surely Love

June 18, 2020

Female Dog Names Your New Pup Will Surely Love

Cute and cuddly dogs deserve the cutest pet names, right? 

Getting a new dog is fun and exciting, but it is also a busy time. Before you jump into buying her toys or teaching her tricks, you have to give your dog a name first. 

Choosing the best female name for your dog is a lot easier said than done. You can go a hundred and one directions when it comes to naming your dog. 

There are a lot of cute dog names that are equally beautiful as your little lady. Blacky, Bella, and Max are all too common. Hannah and Teresa are too human and weird. So, what is the best name to give your dog then? 

In this article, we have compiled a lot of dog names ranging from unique dog names to famous dog names and so much more. We have also included some cool dog names alongside some tips on how you can choose the best dog name for your fur baby. 

Popular Female Dog Names

Cute Female Dog Names

Cool Female Dog Names

Unique Female Dog Names

How to Choose a Great Female Dog Name

Choosing the right name for your dog can be complicated. It can even cause arguments in the family. To avoid all the trouble, the best thing to do is to narrow down all your choices, including your family’s, and carefully eliminate the names until only one remains. 

To help you choose the coolest dog name for your little bundle of joy, here are some tips that might be good to consider:

Choose a Name That Ends With a Vowel

According to Nicole Ellis, a certified dog trainer and a member of Rover.com’s Dog People Panel, it is much easier to get the attention of your dog if her name ends with a vowel. This is because dogs distinguish frequency ranges more than humans do. For example, dog names like Tara, Luna, or Nova are easier to recognize than Marlex, Stacey, or Carly.

Choose a Name with One to Two Syllables Only

Long names aren’t advised when naming your dog. As much as possible, keep it short and simple; thus, a one-syllable or two-syllable name is the key. The shorter the name of your dog is, the easier she will recognize it. 

To know if a name is right, utter it a hundred times. If you are comfortable calling it with such name and you find it easy to pronounce it, then that is it!

Also, going for a shorter name makes it less awkward to call out your dog in public places. For example, it is better to call out “Tara” in the park rather than shouting “Miss Cujo Choo Choo” when looking for her. 

Keep Away from Names with Negative Connotations 

While names like Alcatraz and Bane sound cool, naming your dog with such names should be avoided. It is a bad idea to give your dog a name with a negative connotation. 

Besides, only a few or no one would even name their dogs with names with negative connotations. Your friends might even think twice if they’d love to dog-sit it or not. 

Choose a Name that Doesn’t Sound like a Command

When choosing the name for your dog, make sure that what you will choose doesn’t sound as the commands you’ll tell her often. Not unless you are ready for a lot of trouble, just give her a different name. 

For example, names like Bo and Ray could be mistaken as No and Stay, respectively. 

Calling her “Bo” could even be chaotic when training her. She might be thinking that you are shouting at her or you are resisting her when, in fact, you are just calling out her name. 

Pick a Name that is Far from the Name of Your Other Pets

If you have more than one pet at home, then be sure to give your new dog an entirely different name. The name of your dogs should not be closely similar to one another to avoid confusion. 

For example, Bell and Snow are fine, but Del and Bell are not. 

Consider Your Dog’s Personality

Picking just any name for your dog is easy. But what about giving it some twists and meaning?

For example, you can call a brown dog, Browny, and a white dog, Whitey. But really, naming your dog should be much more than her physical aspects. Try considering her personality?

Is she fun, bubbly, and a little girly? Then Bella would suit her. Is she always running and is energetic all day? Maybe, Rossi, from the name of the racer Valentino Rossi, sounds good for her. 


Unique dog names, cool dog names, famous dog names: call your dog what you want but at the end of the day, make sure to choose a name that will make you swoon. Choose a name that is both comfortable to call and is suitable for your dog. 

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