Homemade Dog Food: 3 Easy & Healthy Recipes

July 27, 2020

Homemade Dog Food: 3 Easy & Healthy Recipes

Have you ever thought about how dull your dog's diet may be? Imagine how they must feel every breakfast, lunch, and dinner when the same dish is presented to them.

Think about if you had to live day by day eating the same meal without any variation. How would you feel?

There's a reason why your dog loves sitting by your chair when you're eating your dinner. They're waiting for the scraps of food you disregard once you've had enough.

And do you know why? It's because they're bored to the bones with their regular, everyday, average meal plan.

Why not give your dog the variation that you enjoy and take for granted too? Every being deserves to enjoy their food, so why not let your dog in on some fun and varied doggy dinners?

Here are 3 easy and healthy dog food recipes we have collated that will give your dog its excitement back for dinner time. No more boring packet food and no more of the expected. Give your dog the excitement it craves in the food department with these 3 simple recipes!

A Salmon Dish for You and Your Dog

We bet you've never thought that both you and your dog could enjoy the same meal, right?

When it comes to cooking, how much of your ingredients do you use and how much do you throw away?

Take those broccoli stems, for example. You don't want to use them in your nice salmon dish, but we guarantee that your dog would definitely snap them up in their meal.

Obviously, the procedure and ingredients differ slightly between humans and dogs, however, it's quite a nice feeling knowing that your pet can enjoy their dinner just as much as you.

Here are the ingredients and the procedure:

Salmon Dog Food RecipeThe Easy Peasy Leftover Meal

A perfect healthy homemade dog food recipe that really won't put you out.

When it comes to homemade dog food, this may be the easiest recipe you've ever made.

It's basically all of your leftover food from last night's meal that you can quickly whip up into a gourmet dog's dinner.

Essentially, all you need is brown rice, vegetables, and a bit of meat. It could be turkey, it could be chicken, it could be pork. It doesn't matter, as long as it's fresh and edible.

This meal is also perfect to make in large batches, just in case you're in a position where you don't have the time to cook. Simply knock up a large amount of this recipe and section into meal portions just like you would for yourself. Place in the freezer and boom! You have a week's worth of tasty dinners for your beloved dog.

Leftover meat recipe

The Life-Saver Slow-Cooker Dish

Want to give your pup a balanced homemade dog food diet, but your work life just seems to take over?

You always prepare your meals for when you get home from work as your home time is your relax time. You don't want to be coming home to an empty fridge and a table full of takeaway menus.

If this is you, then getting a slow cooker might just be your savior. Not just for you, but your dog too!

With these handy devices, you can prepare a lovely stew type meal that you can leave on low heat all day to cook and brown, so when you get home, the heavenly aroma of cooked homemade food is the first thing you smell.

And your dog can enjoy it, too!

There's no doubt that your beloved pooch wouldn't love some healthy homemade dog food. This slow-cooker stew dish is a must for any busy dog owner. Simply prepare in the morning or the night before, and leave it on low heat all day until you return home from work. You'll have an instant home-made meal and be very popular with your pup!

This meal will see you through for at least a week. Take out a portion from the freezer each night and serve your pooch accordingly.

 Slowcooker Dish


The Bottom Line

Your dog's dinner doesn't have to be bland. It's easy to give your canine a fun and exciting diet, too. Dogs love food just as much as humans, so why not let them indulge in fancy dinners like you can? They can even enjoy the same sit-down meal as you!

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Warning: we take no responsibility for your dog becoming fussy about all the gourmet meals you've shared, and debating you over what's going to be on the menu next week...

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