August 24, 2018


Welcome to the first-ever Illumiseen Pet Lovers Appreciation Awards!

Illumiseen recognizes the hard work and dedication that owners and pet lovers put into rearing their pets. That’s why this 2018 we are having our first-ever Illumiseen Pet Lovers Appreciation Awards. We’re giving out not just one, two, or three, or four, but seventeen awards for outstanding pet-focused blogs, groups, vendors, and websites.

Join our celebration of animal lovers and animals. Vote for your favorite blogs, groups, websites, and vendors!

Homemade Pet Projects Blog

Nothings beats homemade and handmade for the practical and detail-oriented pet lover. For this award, we’re looking for pet lovers who go the extra mile for their animal companions and make safe homemade toys, customized accessories and outfits, and the best DIY projects.

Premier Pet Portrait

Every pet has their unique appeal, but we at Illumiseen are searching for the pet portrait that can elicit a thousand “Awws!” We’re no mirror on the wall, but we’d love to find who’s the fairest pet of all!

Best Pet Fashion and Function Award

When it comes to pet styling, fashion and function are the holy combination. If you’ve got awesome tips for mixing the best of both worlds, then you’re just what we’re looking for.

Harmonious Homes Award

There’s beauty in harmony, especially in a home with a pet (or several pets). We know our animal companions aren’t always the most behaved or responsible housemates, so we’d like to give our kudos to the pet lovers who have the greatest patience for their pets and know a thing or two about keeping their abode clean and harmonious in the midst of all the chaos.

Best Personal Pet Blog

We love our pets for many reasons, but we just can’t resist the fun and entertainment they bring into our lives. Illumiseen wants to find the most amusing stories, photos, and videos of pets and share the laughs with our followers!

Outstanding Pet Wellness Blog

Pets are just like people. They require nutrients, exercise, shelter, and a bunch of essential things to stay healthy and happy. Here at Illumiseen, we’re always in awe of pet lovers who make sure their pets have the healthiest (and tastiest!) food, the safest toys, and all their wellness needs.

Best Dog-Training Blog

Let’s face it; our pets love to test our boundaries. We need to discipline them not just for our own sanity, but also for their sake.

We know that’s easier said than done. That’s why Illumiseen is searching for pet lovers who can share their effective tips and techniques for training their mischievous animal buddies.

Best Vet Blog

Perfect pet parents aren’t born; they’re made. Raising a pet isn’t just about fun and games. There’s also a lot of learning and research to find what’s good or bad for your pets.

Many times, we need expert advice to figure out what to do next. For that reason, Illumiseen is looking for the best source for veterinary knowledge, from pet diet, to grooming, to general wellness advice.

Reliable Animal-News Source

We never want to be out of the loop when it comes to our pets. All pet lovers want to hear the latest news on animals. At Illumiseen, we know how much pet lovers want to understand their pets better and give them the best lives, so we’d like to find the fastest and most reliable news source on pet care, research, products, and everything concerning animals.

Animal Welfare and Rescue

We salute all animal enthusiasts who show their love and passion by saving abandoned animals and giving them loving homes. The Animal Awareness and Protection Award is given to the organizations that have made great contributions in forwarding animal welfare and giving rescue animals their shot at a good life.

Animal Rights Protection

Animal rights groups work tirelessly to save countless animals and give them the dignity of life. The Animal Rights Protection Award recognizes the group that has advocated the protection and ethical treatment of all animals, domestic or wild.

Best One-Stop Pet Shop Award

When looking for a pet shop, pet lovers look for three things: quality products, wide selection, and affordable prices. The pet shop that has all three deserves to receive the distinction of being the best one-stop pet shop.

Top-Notch Dog Trainer

As much as we want to handle all aspects of pet care, sometimes, real life can get in the way, especially when training our pooch. We want the best hands and minds on deck if we can’t personally train our four-legged best friend. For that reason, we at Illumiseen are putting forward dog-training experts and recognizing the best among them.

Best Pet Insurance

No pet lover wishes for their pet to get sick. But it’s always best to be prepared when it happens. Getting insurance can save you from expensive vet bills. Illumiseen is recognizing the provider with the most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable pet-insurance policies.

Outstanding Pet-Focused Website

We recognize the blogs and websites that have given exceptional contribution to the pet lovers’ community, created positive impact, and influenced through the content they provide. We acknowledge how their work has shaped and changed the entire community.

Outstanding Pet-Travel-Guideline Blog

We want to go on many adventures with our pets, but we should always prioritize their welfare. For that purpose, Illumiseen is looking for the best pet-focused blog with the most helpful safety tips and hacks for traveling with our beloved pets.

Outstanding Pet Magazine

This award is given to widely read pet magazines or journals with the most relevant, practical, entertaining, and animal-advocating content.


Nobel Prize–winning writer Anatole France was right when he said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul has remained unawakened.”

Pets bring happiness and love to their owners. Big or small, cute or unique, they are adored for their crazy antics, unconditional love, and weird sleeping faces.

We know how much you love your pets and like to show them off. Whether they’re a cat, a dog, a horse, or an iguana, we’re here to celebrate them all!

This year, we at Illumiseen are searching the internet high and low for the most remarkable pet-focused websites, vendors, groups, and blogs. We want to see all your aww-worthy pet pictures and goofy videos and read all about your adventures together.

We’re also looking for helpful techniques for training pets, practical tips for keeping your pets healthy, DIY projects, and pet style advice. Our pets deserve all the love and attention they can get!

Illumiseen is also recognizing the efforts of rescuers and animal rights groups who have worked tirelessly to advance animal welfare and protection. All animals deserve to be treated with dignity.

Voting Guidelines

Illumiseen will select nominees for each award, and nominees will receive an official email correspondence from us to notify them of their nomination. Nominees will be required to confirm receipt of the nomination to be officially included in the actual poll.

Poll voting begins on the 3rd of September, 2018, 8:00 AM PST. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Go to the website poll, and click on the nominee of your choice under each category. Only one vote per computer per category is allowed.
  2. You may encourage your readers to vote for your by sharing the Illumiseen Pet Lovers Awards poll and/or badge on your blog and social media accounts. Your followers may also share the voting link in their own blogs and social media accounts.
  3. Voting starts on September 3, 2018 and ends on September 21, 2018. Check the voting schedule below for specific details.
  4. All bloggers and readers are eligible to participate in the voting process.
  5. A blog, group, vendor, or website can only be nominated for one award. That means every nominee can only win one award.
  6. You may not create multiple accounts under different (or similar) names to vote for yourself. We don’t condone cheating. We will check individual IP addresses and install measures to ensure that awards are given fairly. Those who are caught cheating will be immediately disqualified and notified via email.

Schedule of Voting

Week 1

  • Readers must vote on the finalists for each category from September 3 to 21, 2018.
  • Voting official starts at 8:00 AM PST through the poll on our Blog Awards page.

Week 2

  • Continuation of the voting process.
  • Voting officially closes on September 21, 2018, at 10:00 PM PST.

Week 3

  • Votes will be collated and counted on September 21, 2018 right after voting closes.
  • Winners will be announced before the last week of September ends. The list of winners will be posted on September 26, 2018.
  • Illumiseen will send email announcement to individual winners prior to the official announcement on our website. They’ll be receiving the email a day before.

Vote Here

Voting close!

Choose a Category

Outstanding Pet-Focused Website Award

Homemade Pet Projects Blog Award

Premier Pet Portrait Award

Best Pet Fashion and Function Award

Harmonious Homes Award

Best Personal Pet Blog

Outstanding Pet Wellness Blog Award

Best Dog Training Blog Award

Best Vet Blog Award

Reliable Animal News Source Award

Best One-Stop Pet Shop Award

Top-Notch Pet Trainer Award

Best Pet Insurance Award

Animal Welfare and Rescue Award

Animal Rights Protection Award

Outstanding Pet Travel Guideline Blog Award

Outstanding Pet Magazine Award

Please select an answer.


  • Nominees will be sent an email notifying them of their nomination for a specific category in the Illumiseen Pet Lovers Appreciation Awards 2018. As proof of their nomination, nominees will also receive a badge along with the notification email.


  • The winners of each category will receive a trophy sent to their preferred mailing address and a free Illumiseen LED dog collar of their choice. Winners will be notified through email.
  • Category winners will be interviewed and featured on our website.

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