Tips & Tricks To Eliminate Dog Smell At Home

October 06, 2020

Tips & Tricks To Eliminate Dog Smell At Home

When you open your front door after a long day at work, the last thing you want to smell is a musty dog. Dirt and grime, brought in and smeared around by your four-legged friends, can easily seep unpleasant smells into every corner of your home. 

While you may get used to the smell, visitors may not be so pleased to suffer through grimy dog odors. For their sake, and for the sake of having a clean home, you should eliminate all smells if you can. 

Dog smell removal can be challenging. This article offers some tips and tricks for how best to eliminate dog smell in your home. 

Floor mop

Sweep and Mop All Hard Floors 

Dog hairs and other debris can contribute to the smell in your home. From hairs and saliva to dander and urine, floors can gather all kinds of dog-related germs. So, cleaning them often should be high on your priority list to keep the bad smells at bay.   

Hair and dander are incredibly light, and you need to deal with them carefully. You'll need to sweep gently to avoid brushing tons of particles into the air; otherwise they'll settle back to the floor. 

If you take your full dustpan and brush straight outside to an outdoor bin, this will prevent particles from returning to your clean floors. The last thing you want to do is make the cleaning process more difficult for yourself. Who's got time for that? 

Once you've swept, you should also mop, making sure you clean every area thoroughly. Mopping requires some elbow grease, so if you want to get rid of those musty smells, make sure you mop correctly. 

Pro Tip: Before you mop, vacuum all the stray hairs, corners, and surfaces with the detachable nozzle. 


The Vacuum is Your Best Friend

Is there anything more satisfying than vacuuming? 

Once you've finished sweeping, it's time to get out the vacuum cleaner. Ensure you clean carpets with a hard suction setting as dog hairs are often embedded into fibers.

Make sure you don't just Hoover the central flooring. Get the suctioned end under the sofa and into the corners. Hairs and other grimy particles can get everywhere, so clean every surface you can with your vacuum.

Also, clean your vacuum regularly too. Old vacuum filters can carry odors. Cleaning your filters regularly means the bad smells won't get trapped in the vacuum and spread throughout your home. 

Wash All Furniture Covers, Beddings, and Cushions Often

Dog smell on furniture and materials with dense fabric can be intense. 

If your dog often sits on the sofa, sleeps on your bed, or rolls around on your rugs, it's likely that these fabrics are full of hair and dander.

Throw furniture covers anywhere your dog hangs out frequently. In doing so, you'll be able to remove the covers and wash them regularly. Once a month should be the minimum, but twice would be better. 

Make sure the furniture covers you're using can withstand hot temperatures when washing.

Pro Tip: When washing furniture covers, thoroughly hoover the furniture underneath. 

Smelly Dog Sleeps With You? Sanitize Your Bedding Weekly 

Since your dog sleeps with you, all their sweat, dirt, and dander are in your bed, too (along with your own). Eek!

Now, don't get us wrong, there's nothing better than snuggling with your dog in bed. But this can be a significant contributing factor to the dog smell in your home since mattresses are big sponges for all the things that cause odor. 

Whether your pup sleeps in your bed or the guest bedroom, it's essential to sanitize the bedding every week. Whatever kind of washing routine you have, make sure all the sheets, duvets, and pillow covers end up in the wash weekly. 

Pro Tip: Stock up on at least two week's worth of bedding for your bed so you always have a clean set ready to go.

Remember Your Rugs and Curtains? They Love Dog Hair and Dust Too

Rugs and curtains collect hairs, dust, doggy saliva, and other grimy particles. 

But cleaning these items can be time consuming and expensive. Not to mention, a pain too.

Nike got it right — just do it. 

As you've probably guessed by now, cleaning all the fabrics in your home will help manage and remove dog smells. We advise cleaning your rugs and curtains a minimum of two times a year. Ideally, four times is best (once every season).  

Those numbers depend on whether you have to have your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned, or if you can throw them in the wash. Professional cleaning is expensive and more time consuming, so two times a year is fair. Just be sure to vacuum these fabrics often and thoroughly. 

If you don't have to have the pros clean your rugs and curtains, then four times is the minimum. It's just a matter of turning on your washing machine!

Pro Tip: Having rugs professionally cleaned? Go ahead and splurge to get all the carpets in your home cleaned too.

Bathe and Groom Your Dog More Often

Like humans, dogs need baths too. Especially if they're going to be inside your house. 

Eliminating dog smell starts by making sure your dog doesn't smell. How often you bathe your dog depends on size, type of hair, level of activity, etc.  

Ultimately, if you're smelling your dog, then you’re past due bathing them. Start scrubbing!

Getting dogs groomed can take the hassle out of having to bathe so often. Yes, this can get expensive. 

If you can't afford to get them groomed, consider having them groomed once every two to three months (once per season). The groomer can give you a base cut for how short their hair should be and how they should look. From there, you can continue the grooming routine at home with your clippers. 

Clean and Replenish Dog Beds 

Dog beds can get pretty gross. 

It's where they flop down after a long walk, drool when they sleep, and enjoy their treats. 

Because your dog spends so much time in their bed, that means there's plenty of hair, dander, dirt, saliva, and urine all over it. 

Most dog beds are machine washable, so this should make it easy for you to remove the smell by giving the cover a good clean. If your dog's bed isn't washable or is just beyond salvaging, don't hesitate to replace it. 

Pro Tip: Throw a durable blanket over the dog bed so it's washed more frequently. 

Air Quality Control — Manage the Air in Your Home

Fact - good smells come from good, clean air.

Managing the air quality in your home is essential for healthy living. But it's doubly critical when you've got pets. 

What are some ways you can control the air quality?

    • Candles 
    • Scent Diffusers/Air Purifiers
    • Opening Doors and Windows to Air Out Spaces
    • Changing Air Filters

Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy 

Just like humans, keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy can help them have better breath. 

If you've ever been around a dog with bad breath, you know how foul that can be. Brushing their teeth can make all the difference. 

Some dogs refuse to let you come anywhere near their mouths. If that's the case, consider taking them to the vet dentist to get their teeth and gums cleaned by professionals. They'll know how best to help your dog while keeping them comfortable throughout the procedure. 

Pro Tip: Start brushing your dog's teeth when they're still a puppy. That way, they're used to it from an early age. 

Invest in a Healthy Diet and Regular Check-Ups

Feeding your canine good quality food will also help. Nutritious food will change a smelly dog's body chemistry for the better.

Taking your dog for regular check-ups will also contribute to their excellent health. A vet will be able to tell you if anything is wrong, particularly if it's contributing to a bad smell.


Time To Get Serious - Unconventional Methods

If you've tried all of the above and are still not having luck, there are some other options you can consider. 


Blacklight can reveal a lot you may not want to see. 

It's those unseen bits that may be causing your problem. For example, your dog may be using the bathroom over and over again in the same spot - and you just don't know it. 

Odor Sealing Paint

This type of paint will allow you to address spots on walls that aren't going away. Stubborn stains can sometimes cause persistent odors, and sealing paint can help you fix this problem. 

Professional Cleaners

A professional cleaning crew may be your best bet to remove dog smell in your home. Hiring them for a deep sanitation of your entire house may be necessary to kick that musty smell to the curb. 

Replace Carpet, Furniture, and/or All Smelly Sources

It may be time to consider replacing sources of odor throughout your house, especially if you’ve exhausted all the other suggestions in this post. 

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that cleaning and then cleaning some more is the only way to eliminate dog smell. Cleaning your house from top to bottom paired with doing everything possible to keep your dog clean may be the answer to your problems. 

Sure, having a dog is a lot of work. But the reward that comes from all the hard work outweighs all the hurdles you may have to overcome. 

Last pro tip — Work on establishing a cleaning routine as soon as you get a dog. By managing your cleaning routine along with your dog, you’re well on your way to a better smelling home in no time. 


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