Win $100 Worth of Illumiseen LED Dog Products!

September 08, 2019

Win $100 Worth of Illumiseen LED Dog Products!


*This contest has already ended*



Merrill Brammer

"We tend to walk our Beagles (Bella & Ruby) at night so they are visible by people & cars.  Our Beagles tend to want to take off if they get on some sort of scent.  So, if they do get away we can see them in the dark & so can others.  Lastly, the Illumiseen leashes are the talk of the neighbors when they see us walking our Beagles at night.  We like the fact they do not use batteries & can be charged."


It has been witnessed that dog owners are very particular about their pets. Why not? After all, your dog is a part of your family. Feeling responsible for your pet’s need is very normal. Although you cannot be always by his side, ensuring his safety through various visibility products can let you feel at ease while away from your fur friend.

We at Illumiseen always strive to make people and their pets more safe and seen in the dark. And that is why we'd love to hear from you!



1. Snap a photo or video of your dog wearing any of our LED Dog Products - it can be an elegant portrait, an image of your dog wearing any of our LED dog products with his best buddy (that is you!), or a lively action shot!

  • Photo submission - 1 entry
  • Video submission (min. of 10 seconds) - 2 entries
2. Tell us how our product has helped you and your dog.

3. Email your entry to Please indicate your full name and email subject should be "Illumiseen Contest"


1 x LED Dog Collar
1 x LED Dog Leash
1 x LED Dog Vest
1 x LED Dog Necklace Collar

Contest ends on September 23, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. Open to US residents only who are 18 y/o or older. One winner will be selected by Illumiseen and notified by email at the address provided.

Important: By entering the Contest, entrants warrant and represent that they are the owners of the photo and/or video submitted and have obtained all permissions necessary for us to display, post, publish or use the photo and/or video submitted on our social media.

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