LED Dog Leash - USB Rechargeable

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Looking for ways to keep you and your dog safe from vehicles and other motorists while you’re out on your nightly run? Meet the light up dog leash. Research shows that most of the fatal accidents that occur at night and involve pets are caused by reduced visibility. However, these unfortunate incidents can easily be prevented with the use of a high-quality LED dog leash.


This leash features an easy-to-use metal clip that snaps onto the D-ring of the collar within seconds, and it is designed to help you and your pup stay visible to motorists, even in low-light conditions. With one simple click, choose between slow, rapid, or steady flashing glow modes based on the outdoor conditions and your intended route. The busier the road, the more illuminated the leash should be. The LED dog leash is durable, sturdy, lightweight, and features a USB-rechargeable battery that provides five hours of illumination per one-hour charge.


Available in both four-foot and six-foot lengths in six eye-catching colors, the light-up leash works marvelously with the LED dog collar. Not only will your pup stay safe and visible with the LED lighting, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the leash is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I love it, with one "but"

This is my second Illumiseen leash. The first one was loved to death. The only "but" is that I wish that, instead of getting 2 USB cords for recharging, it came with one regular line cord as an option (like my old one). Otherwise, this leash is great (I got the neon green); easy to see and the charge lasts a long time. I also appreciate that it arrived already charged so I could use it right away. When this one eventually bites the dust, I am sure I'll be getting #3.

These are awesome!!

My dogs and myself have much improved visibility with these and the colors are great (pink and yellow)! I feel so much safer at night now and am tempted to recommend them to anyone I see walking their dog without any lights or even reflectors (which is most of the time)! Only downside is that my dogs are small so I worry that the leash and leash buckle feel heavy to them, but they don’t seem to mind and it’s only for short nightime walks. SO glad I purchased these (and the necklaces too!)


I was looking for a good quality reasonably priced LED collar and leash for my black lab. The first thing that I loved about these is that they ARE RECHARGEABLE! Second was the price! Very reasonable. Third they look good in the pics so I decided to give them a try. I received the two collars (one green, one orange) they were packaged well, better than I expected! I read the directions and proceeded with charging up the green one. The charges last a really long time. My pup goes out with it on and plays in the evening for a few hours. These are brighter than I expected as well. I love them!
I recently bought a 4ft leash to go with the collars. It’s so hot I’m walking my pup after dark now. I like how the handle of the leash has a different texture that allows you to have a good grip but still comfortable! I love hearing some of the little kids as we walk by they whisper “Mom, her dog lights up. ” “That’s a cool dog. It glows at night.” “That dog has lights. Can we get lights for our dog?”
I have recommended these to so many neighbors, friends and family. They love them too!

One Year In, We Love It

I bought our 6-ft Candy Pink LED leash last winter after our (unknown brand) LED collar from a family member began to fail. The cord is firmer than a regular leash, so that took getting used to, but it is also stronger and wider than many leashes, which is nice for our dog who sometimes pulls. The handle loop is cushioned and the lights have 3 settings in 2 sections. I love that it give BOTH of us visibility, as opposed to a collar, which doesn't tell motorists where I am or even really what the light source is until they're closer. Lots of neighbors- be they dog owners or not- have told us they love it and want something similar for their own walks.
Also of note - the charge lasts MANY walks because you really only need the light at dusk/dawn and between.